Winter Park’s Sushi Masters: The Ultimate Top 5


In the heart of Winter Park, a culinary phenomenon is unfolding. This picturesque city, known for its scenic charm and cultural vibrancy, is also a haven for sushi aficionados. With an array of top-notch sushi restaurants, Winter Park offers a delightful journey through the art of Japanese cuisine. Today, we’re rolling out the red carpet for the top 5 sushi restaurants in Winter Park, including local favorites like Kabooki, Juju, and Seito.

Kabooki Sushi

Kabooki Sushi, a name synonymous with culinary excellence, leads our list. Nestled on East Colonial Drive, Kabooki is not just a restaurant; it’s a culinary adventure. The brainchild of Chef Henry Moso, Kabooki offers an eclectic menu that blends traditional sushi techniques with modern twists. The décor is chic and contemporary, creating an ambiance that complements the dining experience. Must-try dishes include the torched salmon belly nigiri and the signature Kabooki roll. For the adventurous, the omakase menu offers a personalized chef’s selection of the day’s freshest offerings.


Next up is Juju, a gem tucked away on North Orange Avenue. This intimate spot, with its minimalist décor and warm lighting, offers a cozy retreat for sushi lovers. The menu at Juju is a testament to the art of sushi-making, featuring classics like spicy tuna rolls alongside innovative creations such as the truffle-infused Yellowtail Scallion roll. The freshness of their ingredients is evident in every bite, making Juju a must-visit for those seeking an authentic sushi experience.

Seito Sushi

Seito Sushi, located in the bustling Baldwin Park, is a fusion of traditional and contemporary. The restaurant is known for its creative sushi rolls, sashimi, and a variety of small plates. Their Dragon Roll, with eel and avocado, is a crowd-pleaser, while the more daring might opt for the Jalapeño Hamachi. The ambiance is modern yet inviting, making Seito a perfect spot for a casual lunch or an elegant dinner.

Sakari Sushi

Sakari Sushi, nestled in the heart of Winter Park Village at 510 Orlando Ave, is a beacon of traditional Japanese cuisine in the Orlando and Winter Park area. Since its inception in 2011, Sakari has dedicated itself to mastering the art of Japanese food, offering a range of sashimi, nigiri, and maki rolls. Known for its high-quality ingredients and exceptional service, the restaurant continually introduces innovative weekly specials that challenge their talented chefs and invite patrons to explore adventurous culinary experiences​

Umi Japanese Restaurant

Rounding out our top 5 is Umi Japanese Restaurant on Park Avenue. Umi combines a serene atmosphere with a menu that honors the traditions of Japanese cuisine. The sushi here is expertly crafted, with each roll and nigiri piece showcasing the chef’s attention to detail and quality. The Tuna Tataki and Umi Roll, with its perfect blend of spicy and savory, are not to be missed. Umi’s commitment to quality and service makes it a beloved spot among Winter Park’s sushi enthusiasts.

In Winter Park, sushi is not just food; it’s an expression of culture and artistry. Each of these top 5 sushi restaurants brings its unique flair to this culinary art, offering unforgettable dining experiences. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, a visit to these sushi havens is a must for anyone seeking to indulge in the best that Winter Park has to offer in Japanese cuisine. So, grab your chopsticks and embark on a sushi adventure that promises to be as delightful as it is delicious.


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